What We Do !

Feed the pulse was born from a simple thought. The foods we cook will contribute to your performance today and your health tomorrow

Owen McArdle (CHEF / OWNER)

Healthy food for an active lifestyle...

Studies show that many people who overeat remain hungry as the food they ingest isn’t nutritious enough. Having experience catering to athletes the FeedThePulse chefs know how to create great food that fuels an active lifestyle.

Food for Teams and Businesses!



"Your Venue"

We  cater for events and those special occasions in your chosen venue. 

It's your event, your venue and your way, we will work with you and your ideas to design the perfect meal.

Min. Order : 25 people

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Lunch bags

"Grab & Go"

We prepare lunch bags for Teams and Businesses. Our bags contain a healthy Triple Decker sandwich, a bottle of water, a box of trail mix (roasted nuts, fruit  and seeds) , a banana, an apple or an orange and FeedThePulse protein bites.

Custom bags can be prepared. 

Min. Order : 25 bags.


Fresh Healthy Meals

 "Heat and Eat"

We prepare fresh healthy meals for a busy lifestyle. We use our high protein sauces in all of these dishes. 

Diet specific meals are also catered for, including High Carb, Low Carb, Fodmap, Vegetarian & Vegan.

Min. Order : 25 Meals

Why FeedThePulse?

FeedThePulse makes it easier, faster and tastier to eat nutritious food...

FeedThePulse makes it easier, faster and tastier to eat nutritious food without all the bad stuff!

Le FeedThePulse, bíonn sé níos éasca, níos sciobtha agus níos blasta bia cothaitheach a ithe!