Our Story

From McArdle Catering to FeedThePulse

Our family business McArdle Catering worked closely with Galway GAA to provide their teams with wholesome nutritious meals to fuel their training. Here Owen became aware of the dedication and commitment that these elite athletes show.

“These athletes will often travel from work or college in other counties to train on dark wet cold nights in winter months when everyone else is in by the fire watching telly.  They have the same 24 hours we all have and they choose to train for their county.” Owen McArdle - McArdle Catering

Of course, this would inspire you as their chef to “lift your game” and we searched for the best way to insure the food we were providing was going help “fuel their performance”. After meeting with Croi, a non-profit foundation dedicated to fighting heart disease we decided to follow a “healthy heart” profile.  Our foods are high in protein, low in salt, sugar and fat and have a source of fibre.  We use no artificial colours flavours or preserves.  Our foods are cooked using slow traditional cooking methods this allow the natural flavours of the foods, herbs and spices to be released.

This was a whole new business and we needed a new name one which would include the excitement of feeding the elite athletes but also the importance of feeding a healthy heart.

2015 in Crowe Park at the Galway Vs Tipperary all Ireland Senior hurling semi-final the atmosphere was electric and the word in the Galway stands was “you can almost feel the pulse” The last minute of the game Shane Malone scores and Galway is in the all-Ireland final and we have our new name “FeedThePulse”.

Last Minute Galway vs. Tipperary with Galway Bay FM commentary

During the season we cook and serve healthy meals to Galway GAA’s elite athletes almost every day. These include early morning Breakfasts, Grab and Go lunch bags, Pre and Post-Training high protein meals and Fresh Healthy Meals to take home. 

We have the best job in Galway and doing it well means these athletes have one less thing to think about giving them time to do what they do best.

Feedthepulse have received awards from Croi for their healthy heart recipes and sauces.  In 2015 Feedthepulse was chosen as a runner up in a European competition the Unilever foundry and food vision trailblazer event for innovative thinking in the world of nutrition.  


You are our next chapter...

We want YOU to join the FeedThePulse family! We know that eating healthy and wholesome food can be difficult when you have a busy schedule. FeedThePulse makes it easier, faster and tastier to eat great, nutritious food, without all the bad stuff! We would love you to get involved and share any recipe, cooking tip, or even just ideas you have found here.

Our story doesn’t end with us, you are our next chapter...


Táimid ag iarradh ORTSA dul isteach i bhfine feedthepulse! Tuigimid go bhféadfadh sé a bheith deacair bia atá sláintiúil agus folláin a ithe nuair a bhíonn sceideal gnóthach agat. Le feedthepulse, bíonn sé níos éasca, níos sciobtha agus níos blasta bia cothaitheach a ithe, gan aon chuid de na drochrudaí a bheith i gceist!

Ba bhreá linn dá nglacfá páirt agus aon oideas, moltaí cócaireachta, nó smaointe fiú a fuair tú anseo a roinnt le daoine eile. Ní againne atá deireadh an scéil; tusa an chéad chaibidil eile...