The Future

Our Future

Here at FeedThePulse, we believe that the majority of what we eat contributes to our future.
“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” - Thomas A. Edison

FeedThePulse’s future is led by three pillars; education, sustainability and technology.


Our ultimate goal is to change the way we eat, and we believe that the only way to make a real impact in this is to educate the young people in our community and culture. Imagine if every six-year-old could look at ‘front-of- pack labelling’ and identify if a juice has too much sugar, if they could look at products and pick out the healthy options. We want to educate everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, about what we should be putting our bodies, and what’s not so good.

We think that the food industry makes a lot of nutritional information confusing and complicated,so we’re going to make it simple. We will use the traffic light code (aka. green=good, orange=not as good, red= bad.). But lucky for you, all of FeedThePulse’s Sauces are in the green!



We aspire to make FeedThePulse as sustainable as possible. Sustainability is commonly perceived as eco-friendly practices, and while this is true, it goes much further. FeedThePulse is based around people, so social sustainability has a huge role to play for us. 


 We are working on improving  all aspects of FeedThePulse's sustainability including purchasing our ingredients, packaging our foods, delivering our foods and managing our waste.   



Technology is a powerful tool, which can help us to make food the best it can possibly be.

We are very interested in how technology is developing to make food production easier, more environmentally viable, healthier and just more sustainable in general! We have been very inspired by others in the food industry who are committed to change the way people are thinking about their food.

The internet is a beautiful thing, and at it’s best, it can help people share their ideas about food, some of which are life-saving and life-changing.

We are now learning more than ever before about how our food affects us, and the world around us with the help of technology.